The Michael Harris TRANZ-FUSION

Michael formed his first solo band, The Michael Harris Project, in 1997 in Dallas, TX, as a live outlet for the 2 instrumental solo albums he had released to that point, “Defense Mechanizms” and “Ego Decimation Profile”. The band’s first show was with Joe Satriani and Steve Vai at the Bronco Bowl. “MHP” toured fairly regularly for several years proceeding that, then in 2000, made some changes in the band and took on the new moniker, The Michael Harris Tranz-Fusion, which has officially been Michael’s live band since Friday July 13th 2001 when Michael, his brother Brian, keyboardist Jeff Davis, and bassist Jay Luis took the stage at McGuffys in Dayton, Ohio.

Since that time, Michael has formed several incarnations of MHT in both Texas and Ohio, their live set featuring instrumentals from his now 7 solo albums, along with some of Michael’s vocal compositions and the band’s versions of several choice cover tunes.


Michael Harris – Guitars & Vocals
Rikk Manning – Bass
Brian Harris – Drums
Jeff Davis – Keyboards
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