While composing vocal music for his 2003 “Words Collide” release, Michael had written several songs (namely “Nobot” and “Alone”) that were in his mind, “too heavy for that release”. Shortly thereafter, he wrote “I Bleed”, and started to realize that this was turning into a new much heavier record, so he recruited both his brother and bassist Mike Neal to form Darkology. The band started out as a trio with Michael singing, but eventually decided they needed a front man / vocalist. After hearing vocalist Kelly Sundown Carpenter on a recording by Beyond Twilight, the band contacted Kelly and found that he was indeed interested. Sundown’s vocals were recorded in 2007 and a video was shot for “I Bleed”. “Altered Reflections” was released worldwide in 2009 to much critical acclaim.

Michael continued to compose music for a 2nd DARKOLOGY record with bassist Mike Neal writing most of the lyrics. This recording was completed in 2013, is entitled “Fated to Burn”, and is slated for an early 2014 release.


Kelly Sundown Carpenter – Vocals
Michael Harris – Guitars
Mike Neal – Bass
Brian Harris – Drums
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