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“Left of Right” Funk Fusion Performance Video by Michael Harris, Brian Harris, James Martin, Bill Jenkins

Michael Harris (guitar), Brian Harris (drums), Bill Jenkins (kybd), and James Martin (bass) perform “Left of Right”, from Michael’s “Tranz-Fused”

June 11, 2018
Michael’s instrumental groove guitar video for “Regroovination”

Michael Harris (guitar), Bill Bachman (drums), and Neil Bertrand (bass) perform “Regroovination”, from Michael’s “Sketches From the Thought Chamber” CD,

March 30, 2016
Michael’s new progressive fusion video for “Professor Grunklesplat’s Math Assignment”

“Professor Grunklesplat’s Math Assignment” performed by Michael Harris (guitar; kybds); Brian Harris (drums), James Martin (bass), from Michael’s “Tranz-Fused” CD

March 17, 2016
Michael’s new Jazz Fusion Guitar video, “Seizure Salad”

“SEIZURE SALAD” performed by Michael Harris (guitar); Brian Harris (drums), Jeff Plant (bass); Bill Jenkins (kybds; straitjacket), from Michael’s “Tranz-Fused”

November 23, 2015
Michael’s new acoustic guitar video, “Shibboleth”

Michael performs an all new version of his acoustic piece, “Shibboleth”, which originally appeared on “Sketches From the Thought Chamber”

October 29, 2015
“Blue Tokyo” new Michael Harris blues rock guitar video

Michael performs an all new version of his fan favorite “Blue Tokyo” with his very talented friends Bill Jenkins, Carlos

October 1, 2015
“Prognosis” Neoclassical Excerpt

The first in a series of Michael’s “split screen” videos!  

September 3, 2015
Michael plays licks from “Mozart’s Ghost”

Here’s Michael playing the bridge section from his song, “Mozart’s Ghost”, which originally appeared on his 1999 CD, “Distorted Views”.

July 20, 2015
Michael in the Studio

Michael is, among other things, presently in his studio composing new music for solo projects & Thought Chamber, as well

July 20, 2015

Welcome everyone to the new MICHAEL HARRIS website! Completely redesigned and remodeled! MICHAEL is a guitarist, composer, performer, and recording

January 31, 2014
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