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Here you find all available MICHAEL HARRIS albums. To purchase the one(s) of your preference, click the desired STORE link below each album.

"Tranz-Fused" MICHAEL HARRIS (2010) "Altered Reflections" DARKOLOGY (2009) "Angular Perceptions" THOUGHT CHAMBER (2007) "Orchestrate" MICHAEL HARRIS (2006) "Words Collide" MICHAEL HARRIS (2003)
Guitar Nine Amazon Amazon Guitar Nine Amazon
CD Baby CD Baby
CD Universe CD Universe CD Universe
Grooves-Inc Omega Order
Angular Perceptions Orchestrate Orchestrate Words Collide
"Sketches From the Thought Chamber" MICHAEL HARRIS (2001) "Distorted Views" MICHAEL HARRIS (1999) "Ego Decimation Profile" MICHAEL HARRIS (1996) "Defense Mechanizms" MICHAEL HARRIS (1991) "Encyclopedia of the Insane" SURGEON (1996)
Amazon CD Baby CD Baby CD Baby
Distorted Views Ego Decimation Profile Defense Mechanizms Defense Mechanizms
"Arch Rival" ARCH RIVAL (2008) "Third Degree Burns" ARCH RIVAL (1997) "Wake Up Your Mind" MICHAEL HARRIS (1993) "In The Face Of Danger" ARCH RIVAL (1991)
CD Baby CD Baby CD Baby
CD Inzane CD Inzane CD Inzane
Defense Mechanizms