Michael’s instrumental groove guitar video for “Regroovination”

Michael Harris (guitar), Bill Bachman (drums), and Neil Bertrand (bass) perform “Regroovination”, from Michael’s “Sketches From the Thought Chamber” CD, an infectious tune that is a combo of groove, funk, and melody! click below! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d3SF0pu_3cw&feature=youtu.be

Michael’s new progressive fusion video for “Professor Grunklesplat’s Math Assignment”

“Professor Grunklesplat’s Math Assignment” performed by Michael Harris (guitar; kybds); Brian Harris (drums), James Martin (bass), from Michael’s “Tranz-Fused” CD

Michael’s new Jazz Fusion Guitar video, “Seizure Salad”

“SEIZURE SALAD” performed by Michael Harris (guitar); Brian Harris (drums), Jeff Plant (bass); Bill Jenkins (kybds; straitjacket), from Michael’s “Tranz-Fused” CD!!!

Michael’s new acoustic guitar video, “Shibboleth”

Michael performs an all new version of his acoustic piece, “Shibboleth”, which originally appeared on “Sketches From the Thought Chamber” in 2001.

“Blue Tokyo” new Michael Harris blues rock guitar video

Michael performs an all new version of his fan favorite “Blue Tokyo” with his very talented friends Bill Jenkins, Carlos Shilinsky, and Bill Bachman